Tuesday, January 21, 2014

GINS Post 6: Charter of the World w/ Kellan, Liam, and Jatin

Hello, and welcome to GINS post 6. Check out our "Charter of the World" where we talk about what some of the rights of all people should be here.
This post is going to talk about the process for that, disputes, and ideas that we did not have time for.

I know that specifically for my novel, the main issues were women's rights and the Taliban. The Taliban you can't do much about because they are already breaking laws. But, for women's rights, that could be addressed through equality rights, the right to no discrimination. We had to make sure that all people are equals in this Charter, so that if this were employed for the world, the issue in "Thunder Over Kandahar" would be resolved. When creating this, we essentially used the Charter of Rights and Freedoms as a guideline, while incorporating elements that apply to the whole world, not just Canada. We used basically the same rights, but just added more, and changed the wording to be applicable to the world. For example, changing Canada to The World. Our group had minimal disputes. We generally agreed on the same concepts. The only times I can remember contradicting thoughts is when Jatin thought we should include rights to no terrorism, but it was quickly settled due to terrorism already being illegal, and there can be no guaranteed right against it. Another dispute is when Jatin put in to Equality Rights, no discrimination by age, gender, (etc.), or sensuality. We decided to remove sensuality because it means pleasure, and pleasure is not a physical trait, rather a feeling that you experience, and you cannot guarantee that a person will or will not feel something. Other than that, our group was pretty likeminded in creating this document.

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