Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Litspiration: The Lightning Thief

For my newest Litspiration Challenge, I chose to make a short game/animation that covers the first few chapters of the novel Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan. In the game, I took some of the most important events from the novel and converted them to a game. I did this because I felt like this book really painted a picture in my head. With this in mind, I tried to visualize with the details given what the characters would be like and used some quotes from the book such as when Gabe, Percy's stepdad states that the trip to camp Half-Blood would come out of their clothes budget. In other lines I would add dialogue that I thought the characters might say. I chose this project format because Scratch is very easy to use to make games on, but the programming is very slow. For this reason I do not have more than the first few chapters, with the limited time. Still, the character art except for the Minotaur is mine as well as the programming. This task was pretty difficult due to limited time and lots of codes to put in. Sometimes I work for months on my Scratch projects, so this one was a challenge, but still very fun. I feel like this was a good pick for a litspiration challenge because it challenged me to determine importance in this novelm a critical talking to the text skill.

Although the finished product is short, it took a long time to make so I hope you appreciate it:

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