Monday, September 30, 2013

Whale Story

We also read the first few chapters of Whale Story, a novel by Cheryl Kaye Tardif while at Bamfield.
Initially, I found that the main character didn't really fit an eleven-year-old. Sure, she put lots of emphasis on being that age, but it felt like her actual thoughts and feelings didn't really match the idea of being eleven. Her thoughts were based around it, but it felt like it didn't really fit. I feel like it has a theme of acceptance. At first, the main character had thoughts of not wanting to move, and leaving her friends. Later, she accepted the move and had an open mind, and it turned out she really liked the home and location. I also felt a much stronger connection to this novel than the previous considering that it actually takes place in Bamfield. It felt very relatable to the actual experience.

The Sea Devil

I just got back from Bamfield, and we read a couple of short stories. Here is a short analysis of one:

The Sea Devil is a short story by Arthur Gordon about a man that is fishing and accidentally gets his line caught on a giant (9 ft) manta ray.
Initially, I thought of the main character as a gruff fisherman who had lots of fishing knowledge, as we can see basically right off the bat. After reading the full story, I noticed that there was some foreshadowing at the start of this story. First off, the story describes how he dropped his cigarette and noted where it landed. Later in the story, he sees this location again. Another example of foreshadowing is when he sees and catches the mullet, it kind of shows that he takes something out of the sea, then the sea takes something, him, out of land. I think the foreshadowing is really interesting in this short story. I feel like the theme almost seems like equality. It relates to treating others how you want to be treated. This is not directly stated, but when you think about it, the man takes something out of the sea, the mullet, and the sea takes him into it with the sea devil. The mullet was probably as terrified as he was, and it escaped, and he escaped too. I felt like the story was almost like a lesson, saying don't go out by the ocean alone at night. It almost seems like just another version of a children's fairytale. It still felt very relatable considering we were at the coast.