Monday, May 6, 2013


Here is my thoughts so far on the novel, the House of the Scorpion. So far, I have read the first 49 pages of THOTS. Sorry that this post is a little delayed, I thought I posted it. Anyway, in this section of the novel we stepped into the life of a very interesting 6 year old. Now, one thing I especially noticed was that when Matt was thinking or talking, he sounded much older than six. Maybe Farmer did this to try to give a bit more inside into the novel instead of a typical six year old's thoughts "I think I can reach the cookie jar from here" but anyway, Matteo Alacran was brought up much differently from normal children. He lives in the middle of some poppy field with Celia, his "mother figure." As the story progressed, we met some of the Alacran family, who seemed nice at first, then found out he was a clone and treated him like trash. It was very weird to see how they just suddenly changed from nice to Matt to having the deepest hatred for him. He was thrown in a prison, where he slowly wasted away. He was still fed, but I could just imagine how bored he must of been. I could NOT have done that as a six year old. Rosa, his jailer, you pretty much are forced to hate, so in summary: Everyone is evil except Matt and Celia. I think that these characters may warm up to Matt, but it will definitely take some time. We also know Matt is special, he is a clone, so maybe he will have some power or something. I don't know. I do know that Rosa is really evil, and so she will probably not be around very long (hopefully). Anyway, that is my thoughts so far, thanks for reading!

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