Monday, May 6, 2013

THOTS: Theme

BOOM! Here comes my fourth individual post regarding our novel study, The House of the Scorpion. In this segment, we discuss theme. I'll get right to it: I thought that this novel was awesome with theme. There were so many different themes that could have been applied to the novel. For example, I can think of two completely different themes: "Your greatest enemy is yourself." and "Don't let others determine who you are." These can both relate because for the first one, it applies in two ways. The first is the literal sense of how in the end El Patron was the greatest enemy of Matt, but he was the first Matt, and so they were the same person. It can also apply in a non literal sense with how Matt keeps convincing himself that El Patron is not bad, or that there is nothing wrong with the Keepers. The second theme relates because everyone always judges Matt the second they find out that he is a clone. They said that he was just an animal, but in the end he proved he was more than that. These two themes both relate to the novel, and they both strongly relate. This shows that Farmer used such good ideas and thoughts that if you asked ten people to make a theme statement, chances are that they would all be completely different. It is quite fascinating. It is also really relatable because it is not TOO far into the future. The still have Dracula and stuff like that. Because of this, Farmer can use metaphors and ideas that still relate to these times. Anyway, I guess that is the end of my fourth individual post on House of the Scorpion. I hope you join me next time when I discuss the Narrative Structure. Thanks for reading.

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