Monday, May 6, 2013

THOTS: Real World Issues

This is my third individual post for The House of the Scorpion, which focuses on Connections to Real World Issues. I think this book contains some very deep metaphors that relate to society today. One of these is that the Alacran family is like the government. People do not know a whole lot about them, and they live in a place of secrecy (the Big House). They also make the big decisions. This book takes place in the near future, and so this book may show that drugs and greed should not possess the future. This is a terrible future to have, with eejits and farm patrols. Anyway, I think that the Boneyard in the novel that Chacho and Matt are dumped in relates to society. It shows that in life, if you are thrown under a mountain of obstacles (the bones), then you either beat the odds or die. To sum it up, I mean. This novel also relates to poverty in todays society, a big issue. In a large part of the world in this novel, poverty is what makes people try to hop the borders, they always are longing for something new, like in the novel when El Patron states that he catches as many people going one way as the other, or something like that. It shows that people in the US think Mexico (or Aztlan in those futuristic times) is better, and Aztlanians think that the US is better. People are always looking for something better, and this is much like todays society where we take vacations, etc. We always think that somebody is having a better time than us. This isn't an issue as big as poverty, or necessarily an issue, but it still affects everyone in today's society and the one in the novel. Well, this pretty much wraps up my post. Thanks for reading!

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