Wednesday, May 8, 2013

THOTS: Narrative Structure

Hi! This is my fifth individual post for the House of the Scorpion. It focuses on the Narrative Structure of the novel. I think that the major exposition in the novel happened until about page 146, the first chapter of Matt's Old Age. The reason I think that this was the point that ended the exposition is because until this, we basically just established all the characters, and the storyline was introduced, it was the exposition. In the first part of the novel, youth, we started to learn about Matt, a boy that was not so normal. Then, as time went on, Maria and a few members of the Alacran family were introduced. There was a bit of action when Matt was thrown in prison, because I was always wondering when he would get out, or what was going to happen. Middle Age marked the introduction of one of the most important characters in the book, El Patron, or The Landlord in English. We began to learn a bit more about who he was. Until Old Age, Matt pretty much thought that El Patron was a good guy. Then, at this point, Matt began to realize what El Patron really was. The Action began to rise, and Matt was in conflict with himself about whether El Patron was good or bad. I think that the climax of the novel was the first part of Age 14, Death. This chapter was the climax because El Patron requires Matt's organs and a surprising twist (that I will not reveal) leads Matt to go to the plankton factories. The action is actually still pretty high here, especially when Chacho and Matt are stuck in the Boneyard. After this, La Vida Nueva is basically all action, up until probably chapter 38. When Matt sees everyone is dead is the resolution. It is rather short, which was a bit disappointing. Eh, I guess it is just preparing us for the sequel. Anyway, that is all. Thanks for reading!

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