Thursday, May 9, 2013

THOTS: Film Study

This is my final post for the House of the Scorpion. Today I will be comparing the main character of the movie Gattaca, Vincent, and Matt from House of the Scorpion. Aside from the huge age difference, Matt and Vincent are not that different. They are both being outcast from society for very similar reasons: the wrong genes. The main difference in the genes is that Matt was rather unique in being a smart slave, while there are many people in Gattaca who have not been genetically altered. Their means of dealing with this are also different, for Matt tries to conspire against his enemies, Vincent actually tries to change himself. One of the overarching themes we thought of for House of the Scorpion, "Nobody can tell you who you are," partially applies to the film Gattaca because of the fact that Vincent still manages to go to space with a heart condition and a 30 year life expectancy. It also can be argued against because of the literal thought of how nobody can tell you who you are, but they tell him he is not worthy, so he turns into SOMEONE ELSE! Some similarity is that Vincent and Matt both have a romantic interest that are really emotional. The main difference is that the girl in Gattaca may have problems, seeing as she gave him a hair and she said "see if your still interested" implying there may be something wrong with her. There was not too much wrong with Maria, other than that her mom left her. They can still be related to each other, though, because they are both in love with the main character and stay true to the end. Another thing is that they both leave their homes. The difference is that Vincent left to get a life and Matt left to save his. They also both have a father figure. For Matt, it was Tam Lin. For Vincent, it was the doctor. This is still arguable though, because Tam Lin spent WAY more time with Matt than the doctor did with Vincent. Anyway, that's all we have for today. I guess that's all the individual posts. Stay tuned for my next review (if there is another). Thanks for reading! 

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