Wednesday, May 1, 2013

THOTS: Characterization

My second individual post looks at characterization in the novel, "The House of the Scorpion" by Nancy Farmer. In this section of the novel we found out a lot more about the characters with characterization. For one: Maria, a character we did not know much about, really developed in her relationship with Matt. Another thing is that Celia's awesomeness multiplied, especially right here: To quote Nancy Farmer, '"Arsenic creeps into the whole body," Celia went on, her eyes as cold as the eyes of a snake. "It grows into the hair, it makes little white lines on the fingernails, it settles into the heart. I didn't give Matt enough to kill him---I wouldn't do that!---but enough to kill anyone already weak who tried to steal his heart. You've had your eight lives, El Patron. It's time to make your peace with God." "Witch!" shrieked El Patron.' We learned a lot about everybody, and how all the Alacrans are evil. We also learned that Tam Lin's friendship with Matt was stronger than we previously thought. A few foil characters were introduced such as Benito's wife, Fani, who helped to reveal a bit more about El Patron, and how he forced two people who hate each other (Benito and Fani) to marry, just for money and power. This reminded me of Renaissance times, when they would marry for power and money. We also learned that the only person from the Alacran family that was actually ok, Steven, still wanted to bust Matt and treat him like garbage. In this book, it kind of seems like there is a whole whack load of evil characters, and good characters number small. This adds lots of suspense to the story. It was also interesting when Matt's greatest enemy was El Patron, as he wanted to steal Matt's heart. This meant that at that time, the Antagonist and Protagonist were the SAME PERSON: Matteo Alacran. Anyway, that's all I got for characterization. Join me next time when I discuss Connections to Real World Issues.

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