Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The House of the Scorpion: Setting

The first section of The House Of The Scorpion established a powerful setting to leave you wanting more. The main settings in the novel so far are vast and imaginative, taking place in a stretch between future Mexico (Aztlan) and the United States. At the start of the novel, we hear about a dark lab where cloning experiments are taking place, and while all embryos die, one survives. This created an eerie feel and was an excellent hook into novel. Later, we journey to the house of Matteo Alacran, a small house in the middle of a poppy field. Farmer used excellent description and I felt like I was there when she talked about the blinding white poppies that were outside, and how it was nice inside the house. Later in the novel, after suffering an injury, Matt is taken to the Big House, where his guardian, Celia, works. Farmer also used rich description to show us exactly how it felt to see the vastness, and niceness of the Big House. Shortly after this, Matt was thrown in prison as his status as a clone was discovered. Farmer made me feel trapped when talking about how the days dragged by, and how Matt was reduced to watching bugs, and using bones as toys. I was constantly in suspense, wondering what ever would happen to young Matt. He was then taken to out to meet El Patron, who he was a clone of. The area he was taken to (the front of the Big House) was vastly beautiful, as Farmer describes, "He was enchanted by the marble-walled entranceway and statues of fat babies with stubby wings" or "They started up a flight of wide, marble steps that shone softly in the darkening air." There is lots of great description in the writing, and I look forward to continue reading The House of the Scorpion. P.S. From now on I will refer to The House of the Scorpion as THOTS. Thanks for reading!

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