Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Peer Book Review: The Spiderwick Choronicles Book 1: The Field Guide

Peer Book Review
Original Reviewer: Arya
Book: Spiderwick Chronicles Book 1: The Field Guide

I am re-reviewing the book the Spiderwick Chronicles 1: the Field Guide. This is the original review by Arya:
The Field Guide or book one of the Spiderwick Chronicles is the adventurous story of three siblings as they discover the magical world of Spiderwick. Jared the brains, Mallory the fearless fighter and Simon the kind creature lover. These three go on an amazing adventure once they find their great Uncle’s lost book or “The Field Guide” 

Book 1 “the Field Guide is an adventurous beginning to the amazing world of Spiderwick and is a good book for anyone who enjoys a little adventure. Diterlizzi’s illustrations really bring the setting and the book together and really go “hand in hand” with Black’s writing. This is a great “series starter” you will want to read the other four books. Overall this is a great book and an adventure for all ages. I think that this series is a great adventure and fantasy and this book really "opens your eyes up" and you really want to keep reading

I have some disagreements with this. First off, Arya said, “Overall this is a great book and adventure for all ages.” Sure this is an ok book, but it is not for all ages. It includes lots of pictures, and is very light reading. Most people my age and older will get bored of it, I know I was. This book is meant for a younger audience, about age 9, as that was the age of the protagonist. I do agree with Arya when he said this was a “great “series starter” and you will want to read the four other books.” I really agree with this statement. This book is strong and imaginative, with a surprise ending to ensure that YOU WILL READ THE NEXT BOOK. Quote Arya, “Jared the brains, Mallory the fearless fighter and Simon the kind creature lover.” I don’t think that this is an accurate representation at all. I disagree. Jared is not that ‘brainy’ at all. He gets into fights at school. He is not very good at figuring hard problems out. Simon is the smart one. I think a better description would be “Jared, the adventurous, Mallory, the brave, and Simon, the brains.”

The Spiderwick Chronicles Book 1: The Field Guide was an interesting series starter and introduction to the series. It takes you into the magical world of Spiderwick. There are creative illustrations, and surprisingly descriptive writing. I think this book is for a younger audience though, as it features younger characters. It is a creative introduction book with a surprising ending. I think the theme is “If you open your eyes to the world, the world will show you anything.” I think this because Jared, creative and imaginative, finds the ‘field guide’ written by his uncle. He believes it, and so do Mallory and Simon, and suddenly they start to see more. Strange creatures begin to appear when they opened their eyes. A land of magic and mystery awaits you in the epic first book of the Spiderwick Chronicles.

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