Saturday, November 3, 2012

Litspiration Challenge: Word Art

Wordle: Harry Potter Word art
Wordle: The Kill Order By James Dashner


These are both Wordle word art. The first is for The Kill Order (left) by James Dasher, and the second for Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (right) by JK Rowling. I created the left by taking my book review and narrowing it down to some powerful words, and then proceeded to add my own. I chose that theme because it looked king of chaotic, like the entire world was in the story when the disease was released. I chose to do word art for these books because I had featured them in my book reviews. For the second word art, I decided to make my own new document, and put in entirely new words that I found powerful in the book, Harry Potter 4. I searched through themes and found this cool black and white theme. I chose to use it because it reflected Harry's world after being chosen. Everything was bleak, and his friends turned against him because they thought he had cheated his name into the Goblet of Fire. He had no support, and little hope. Thank you for looking at this word art.


  1. Neat word art! How did you create this? What is your poll about? I don't see the question?

  2. Your thoughts behind making the wordles were smart (as in the chaos/disease, then the bleakness)

  3. I enjoy the wordles, a very creative litspiration challenge. I love the background of your blog as well. Not to distracting and elegant! The pac-man game and vader quotes are stellar additives to the blog. Great job on the wordles and good luck on your following litspiration challenge!


  4. I find your word art very interesting! Because I read both these books, I know that most of the larger words do describe the most important parts of the plot and can tell the reader a bit about the genre. I also like the font used for the words because they describe how the book is. For example, the Harry Potter one is kind of silly looking, but can still be taken in as serious, just like the book. Same with the kill order. Just like the book, the font is DEAD(Kill Order reference) Sirius (Harry Potter reference) Great job with this challenge.

  5. I really like the theme you used for both wordles they are well thought out.

  6. Really cool but i have to ask what did you make the wordles from? Your review or your book? You did a great job!

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  8. Hi Joel! This is a very cool listpiration challenge! I really like your wordle on The Kill Order, I have read The Maze Runner and have yet to read the next two installments. What did you think of the Scorch Trials and The Kill Order? Most series I read usually go downhill, but I am hoping The Maze Runner series doesn't...any insight on that? Also, was there any reason you chose "death" and "kill" to be the largest words in your wordle? Guess I'll have to read the book! I also really liked your wordle on HP and the Goblet of Fire! I like the layout and the words you chose; I would have loved to see some Gryffindor colours in there too!! Your book review on the book was also great! I loved the way you worded the theme for the book: "Bravery goes a long way." I definitely think Harry's Gryffindor bravery shows a lot in this book! Anyway, really cool blog Joel. Your posts were very fun, enjoyable, and insightful! :)

    1. Well, the series does "slow up" a bit, but no, I believe that all 3 books are pretty good!