Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Epic Review for The Kill Order by James Dasher

-Side Note, thought this was pretty cool.

By James Dashner    

Mark had just barely survived the deadly sun flares not long ago and now the disaster seems to finally be over. After so many perils maybe he and his friends can finally build a new life. Maybe he can finally live without being in constant fear. Maybe… or maybe not. Now, a new disaster is spreading, a deadly biological disease that could wipe out the entire planet. Mark and his friends have only one goal: survival! They will do whatever it takes to try to find safety. But they are racing the clock for they already may be infected, on their way to going completely insane.
            The Kill Order is a thrilling book that you just can’t put down that takes place in the post-apocalyptic future. It is gripping, imaginative, and the action never stops. I really liked the author's use of descriptive language, and how much detail there was. An example is: “Screams tore through the air as panicked people fled in every direction.” The target audience is teenagers as they can relate to the main characters and the overall action theme. A negative about the book is that it got slightly boring in a few parts. For example, Dashner talked on and on about something as simple as walking, and my interest was lost. Despite this, I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys action novels. I think the theme of this book is “when you are together, anything is possible.” Sure, it sounds cheesy, but I think this because they try to stay together the entire book. From hoarding off the insane to taking down a blimp full of biological weapons, they always work as a team. Overall, I think this is an excellent piece of literature and hope the author produces more in this series.


  1. Interesting .gif. How does it relate to your novel? Or does it?

  2. Hey Joel,
    I have heard a lot about this book and after reading your review I am definitely reading it! What would you rate the book? Why would they go insane? Is it from the lack of time? I love your background, I think it is incredibly creative and awesome. I like how you used a quote to back up what you are saying. Great Job!