Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Deltora Shadowlands: Cavern of the Fear By Emily Rodda Book Review

Deltora Shadowlands: Cavern of the Fear

             By Emily Rodda

Lief thought that he had defeated the Shadow Lord long ago. He could not have been more distant from the truth. Deltora Shadowlands: Cavern of the Fear is set in Del, a land once ravaged by sadness and darkness. Lief and his friends, Barda and Jasmine, once defeated the Shadow Lord and sent him back to the oblivion of darkness that is the Shadowlands. Still, they could only spread so much light, and now the Shadow Lord is rising back to power. This time, there is only one way to defeat him, and it is nearly impossible. Lief and his friends must find the Pirran Pipe, an instrument of ancient power, if he is to succeed in defeating the Shadow Lord and spread light further into the depths of the Shadowlands. Can Lief, king of Deltora, really manage to drive out an ancient evil that is now stronger than ever?
Emily Rodda uniquely and creatively tells of the magic and monsters in the land of Deltora. This book is fast-paced, and allows you to always wonder; “what’s going to happen next?” I will admit, this book is a little slow to start, and we sit there for a while just reading about life and such in Del. The real action starts when they find a map to the Pirran Islands, and go on a quest to search for the magical Pirran Pipe.  My personal favorite part of this book was when they find the first of the islands containing the Pirran Pipe pieces, home of the Plume tribe. There, they had to battle a great squid-like beast, capable of ripping them limb from limb. This fantasy book keeps you reading right to the end. In my opinion, the theme was “light will always drive out darkness”, meaning that Lief is like a shining light, driving out the Shadow Lord’s darkness. I really enjoyed this book, and would recommend it to anyone who likes fantasy adventures. I was very impressed at how Rodda so easily creates a magical adventure like no other.  


  1. I like your background and simple layout. I wonder if your title could be more of a hook for readers? Good start!

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